Products We Carry

Auburn Leathercrafters multi-function leashes

leather, as one client describes them, "magic"


polyester-coated webbing, stylish and durable


doTerra Essential Oils
     Therapeutic grade essential oils for humans and pets 

Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner
   Pet stain & odor remover, the best product I've discovered in my 10+ years working with dogs, 
   refill tablets, a great, green choice  

  LOOP poop bag holders, sleek style in bold, sophisticated colors 

  GreenLine bags, 4 packs, the best in biodegradable bags

Pet Portables
     First aid kits, no dog home should be without them

Snuggle Puppies
    Plush pets with beating hearts and compartments for heat packs and milk bottles--for dogs with separation anxiety and puppies

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