Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rescue rage aka Giffy's rescue commandments

This post comes to you fresh of a facebook rampage to rescue. Now, don't get me wrong. I love to rescue dogs. I'll go to great lengths to do so, forego food, give up prime bed real estate, step in poop. And I do most of that with a smile--and a somewhat sticky spring in my step.

But seriously, what's with these facebook panic fests? You've seen them, haven't you? I want to rescue dogs as much as the next gal or guy, but I'm not willing to:

1. Break the law,
2. Ruin relationships with law enforcement or animal control officials, or
3. Bully people

to do so.

I will not engage in name calling, either.

So, let's take a pledge, shall we? Let's save as many animals as we can--sans self-righteousness, judgment, disdain. Let's work together to change the system, to ensure that heatlhy animals are euthanized less frequently and that when they are, it is done humanely. Let's educate people without proseletyzing and work toward a world in which humans no longer mistreat, abuse, neglect, or torture animals. Until we reach that point, let's band together to create tougher, carefully considered laws to protect animals. To start, spread the word or get involved with reputable organizations like AnimalFolksMN or Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection.

Maybe then we can work toward a world where

every pet is loved and well cared for,
no animal is born to die,
no creatures suffer.

Think about it. You can help.

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